Thursday, June 26, 2014

Native Stone Stenciled Stools!

 I adore this color!! It is Native Stone paired with Ivory Lace by Plaster Paint...such a dramatic and bright combination. I always forget to take the ugly "before" photos and I wish you could have seen these stools. They were not pretty. One was black and the other bright orange and the seats were painted in folky poorly drawn flowers. Insert sad face here!

Two coats of paint and then the most fun Mod inspired stencil by 2 Berry Creative completed the look. I scored this stencil and another on Groop Dealz when they had them on for only $7.99 each. They are not huge stencils though, so you have to paint, let dry and reposition a couple of times to complete even a small area like the seat tops...totally worth the effort though, in my opinion! Now you can turn that frown upside down!! Ha!

Stay tuned for another Native Stone project very soon!!

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